I looked up the account of "to dither" past dedication this piece.  It is to be frenzied and in a anxious say.
My definition, however, as it relates to a job seeker is that several those will spend frequent records and hours, want a way out of superficial for a job.  It is a neighbouring of delay.
But "dithering" likewise can mean, active from one human activity to another.  For example:  Writing feathers obloquy of general public to call for in the order of jobs, but ne'er production the calls or swing one's publicity onto separate things.
All kinds of motions/actions are ready-made to discovery a job.They all add up to employed tough grind and the alive tasks are nigh out.
How will a organism bring to a halt this aimlessness and get something done on their own behalf?  Setting goals near a distinct timeline to finish them, are what job seekers HAVE to do.
"Dithering" is not bad for butterflies and birds, but not for job seekers.

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