The Associated Press reported that Ken Lay died of a bosom lay into this morning in Aspen, Colorado. Mr. Lay, the earlier chairman of Enron Corporation, had been guilty of individual crimes in one of the greatest unrestricted company frauds in precedent. The many natter suite are abuzz beside allegations Mr. Lay previously owned his funding and links to imitative his demise and has just fled beforehand his sentencing. This wrothful allergic reaction is not new in deposit con cases.

Those who gone their life stash were superficial transmit to Mr. Lay being sentenced to a hourlong detention centre residence and the Justice Department chasing him and his familial for the billions he took from Enron. Some of these investors are provoked that they will not get the fulfilment of sighted Mr. Lay in slammer and believe his death is much of his con. One placard this morning by CIA (Not the Central Intelligence Agency) stated, "Ken Lay is not unconscious. He more than after probable bought off the Corner's department and Sheriff's dept. In Pitkin CO sentient it up in South America (sic)." Another poster from Houston Bystander, who writes, "'s got confederacy printed all completed it...he's got the $$, the possibility...(tiny Colorado town-few law social control experts in hamlet where on earth he has been famous for time of life) and the motor. The Justice Department essential support that it is him! We want DNA exam results..."

These are ireful comments, assumptive that the Justice Department and others investigating Enron will only judge the loss qualification from the regional coroner's place of business. In the anticipate event Ken Lay will be in few alien spot outgoings the jillions he noninheritable from defrauding all those populace. My belief is that the Justice Department and others will look into the fortune of Mr. Lay's passing and these accusations will be proved fictional. It is significantly not likely that Mr. Lay would be competent to counterfeit his passing and get distant next to it.

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In a securities con grip the Orlando Sentinel named "the largest PONZI cook up in Florida's history", two individuals died. One had pled at fault to defrauding investors of hundreds of millions of dollars and was awaiting sentencing. He died of a suspicion diatribe in a motor inn in a little town in South Carolina. The local medical examiner examined the thing and provided a annihilation qualification. The sheriff's department provided a police written report of the alteration. Immediately the cry of repellant skip arose from those who had been defrauded. They suspect the individual, who was a accredited mortician, of faking his destruction and fleeing to pass his enthusiasm enjoying the large indefinite quantity he concentrated defrauding the investors. The second individual, who was one of the large brokers commerce the scheme's securities, sworn self-annihilation. Again, here was a coroner's report, but that did not reduce the cry of wicked frisk. In some of these deaths the Justice Department and the ruin legal guardian investigated and recovered nil to designate that these deaths were not authentic.

Both of these men were under narrow-minded trauma. They were ably valued community in their communities and nightlong become agreed as fraudsters. They pled miserable to crimes, effected next to the liquidation trustee to pay complete all of their exempt assets, could not get a job, and could not bestow the life style to themselves and their families that they had foreseen. In their minds they admitted they had bungled. Did they lie their loss and go to unfilmed an excessive natural life in hiding? Not in my persuasion.

Mr. Lay was facing the very fate. He had been guilty and was lining a lasting top-security prison retribution. He had stated he was broke, but if he wasn't, the Justice Department and others would check for his invisible resources next to a justice. He vicious from a rank of one of the utmost respected leadership in business organisation to one of the poorest fraudsters in long-ago. He not single took riches from the business and its creditors, but done for the lives of the workers who revered him as a terrible editorial column. One sign from No Enron Shareholder read, "It's not up to me to adjudicator him, but I am sure at hand are abundant who will try. I sole confidence he had made peace in his own vivacity for the throbbing he inflicted on others."

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